Written by Charlotte, lead violinist of the ever popular Melegari String Quartet.

Every couple wants their wedding ceremony to be special, and the right mix of music is a crucial element in making this part of your big day personal and meaningful. Let’s face it, your entrance music is most often the first song chosen months before any other plans have even been considered!

The next step to think about is whether you opt for a pre-recorded CD and hope someone presses the button at the right time ( a bit risky! ) or you go for live music? Well, I know what I would choose…

So, where do you go from here? Well, that’s a simple answer…come to us! We are asked questions all the time about wedding ceremony music and we should know a thing or two – we’ve been delightfully providing music for happy couples for the past 14 years!

You may not have thought of a string quartet before, and might be thinking that they just play classical stuff…

Okay yes, we do play classical music, but even if you are not that way inclined or unfamiliar with the names of classical pieces, most are instantly recognisable when you hear them.

But what if I want a more modern approach, can a string quartet do that?

Absolutely! More and more couples are opting for their favourite pop songs and we specialise in performing our own arrangements of modern tunes to give your wedding a classy yet contemporary feel.

Now you have an idea of which music you would prefer, let’s start with the most important question – what are you going to walk down the aisle to?

For those of you who lean towards a more traditional ceremony, there’s a wonderful array of classical music to enhance the occasion. The piece which instantly springs to mind is Pachelbel’s Canon. I should think, if he were alive today, Pachelbel would be pleasantly surprised to learn that when he dashed off this simple seven-minute work, it would become one of the world’s best loved wedding choices.

Handel’s Queen of Sheba, talk about a grand entrance! This was used in the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympic Games in London, although I’m not suggesting you kick off your shoes and sprint to the altar!

Purcell’s Trumpet Tune would certainly make for a more regal entrance as it was originally written for royalty.

Talking of all things regal, Handel’s Water Music could be just for you. King George presented a concert aboard a barge on the River Thames, the three suites are packed with famous tunes and many of these would be ideal for any part of the wedding ceremony.

Looking for something a little different with a more modern take? Then we think these songs would make the sweetest entrance. Elbow’s One Day Like This is perfect for a more personalised feel, and Howard’s Fly Me to the Moon, crooned by Sinatra amongst others, gives a real retro lift.

For the hopelessly romantic amongst you, perhaps think about Elvis Costello’s She, famously sung by the suave and sophisticated French singer Charles Aznavour. And who wouldn’t be moved to tears by Christina Perri’s 1000 Years or John Legend’s All of Me? Be warned, there won’t be a dry eye between you!

Try to include some songs in your ceremony that give a nod to your surroundings, too. Beach weddings are becoming increasingly popular and what better place to be married than the beautiful award-winning Lusty Glaze on the north Cornish coast? It’s a fabulous venue and one of our favourite places to play.

The team at Lusty Glaze are extremely professional and hot on what they do. We always enjoy providing music for those who choose to make it their dream wedding location. Don’t worry if you think we won’t be heard outside – once you start to walk down the aisle, you wouldn’t be able to hear a shell drop on that gorgeous sand, all eyes will be focused on you. Afterwards, we can provide beautiful background music to set the ambience for your drinks reception and wedding breakfast, if you would like that too.

These ideas are just a suggestion for you, we have a huge repertoire of music and we are always adding to it. Don’t forget, it is your day so if you have a particularly favourite request you would like us to play at anytime during your celebrations, then we would be delighted to make an arrangement of it, tailored especially for you.

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