Written by Emma Carlyle, a wedding hair specialist based in Cornwall.

When it comes to boho hairstyles, I would advise not to choose anything too different to how you would normally feel comfortable wearing your hair. For example, if you wear your hair down a lot, then a half up half down style may suit you best as boho hairstyles are all about the effortless look, and if you never wear your hair up then your hair wouldn’t instantly feel effortless and will feel more formal for you.

Boho hairstyles are all about the undone style, but whilst they may look ‘undone’ they actually take a lot of time and skill to create.

Boho hairstyles look beautiful with flowers (how often do we get to find an excuse to wear flowers in our hair?) Your wedding day is the perfect time to add blooms, and they truly polish off any boho wedding hairstyle.

Here’s an image of a half up half down style. Whilst it looks effortless, it actually has a full head of clip in extensions in! This is to create fullness and to help the curls last the entire day without giving that crisp curl look from hair products. Clip in hair extensions are great for so many reasons but may not always be necessary and can be discussed with your wedding day hairdresser on a trial.

Jessica Apps Photography | Model: Kianna Louise Stephens | Dress: St Ives Bridal Room

Then you will see the same bride but with an up-do, which again creates softness. These hairstyles are great because they give the impression of being down but also very secure, ideal for perhaps a winter wedding when we just don’t know what the weather may do and when you don’t want your hair blowing around for photos (although I personally love that for romantic shots on a beach!)

Jessica Apps Photography | Model: Kianna Louise Stephens | Dress: St Ives Bridal Room

Here is a hairstyle on blonde hair, where you can see the incredible look that flowers can create in such a relaxed hairstyle.

Jessica Apps Photography | Model: Lucy Coleee | Dress: St Ives Bridal Room 

Here is a hairstyle with braids. Braids can be popular for boho hairstyles, however they can make certain styles look less soft. Regardless, they definitely give that boho vibe you want for that beach wedding!

Jessica Apps Photography | Model: Lucy Coleee | Dress: Elaine Rawlings Bridal Room

For shorter hair or even bridesmaids hair, a rustic up style with lots of floral decorations is a popular choice for the boho look.

I hope these boho styles helped to give you some inspiration!

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