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Written by Cassie, artist and owner at Cornwall Caricatures, the only live event caricaturist based in the county. Main image by Ashley Hampson.

1. It gets the guests chatting and laughing.

Hiring a caricaturist is the perfect way to break the ice with your nearest and dearest. They may have never met, but suddenly Auntie Jean and Jimbo the best man are laughing together while Grandad’s big nose gets the caricature treatment! Laughter is the best way to bring people closer and everybody will enjoy smiling and giggling as the quick-fire portraits are drawn. Cornwall Caricatures’ portraits only take around 5 minutes per face to create, so there will be lots for guests to look at while you have your photos taken or the drinks reception takes place. Hiring a caricaturist to bring some fun to this slot will really help add some magic to the day and make sure people in your wedding party are taken care of. I can also draw people in groups of 2-5 as well as on their own, so guests can enjoy the experience together, or alone if they are brave enough!

2. Caricaturists don’t need any fancy equipment.

…which is ideal really with those 133 steps! I’ve scaled that special route with my kit many a time, so it’s literally just me, my pens and paper and some fold up chairs, so I can position myself anywhere inside or outside Lusty Glaze. I always love drawing with my toes literally in the sand. I was born and raised in Cornwall, so being on the beach feels like home. I draw using non-toxic alcohol based markers so everything dries instantly and there’s no mess or fuss. I can also bring protective tubes to keep the caricatures safe.

3. It gives your wedding that holiday vibe. 

Everyone has happy memories of caricatures – if they haven’t had one before they are dying to try it and if they have, it brings back good times from holidays of the past. Every wedding guest gets to take their caricature home as a memento of your special day, so they will always think of your wedding when they look at it on their wall. Plus, because you book me by the hour for a set amount of time, instead of guests scraping together Euros for their portrait, it’s gifted to them, and doubles as a great favour idea. You can even have your names and wedding date printed on the paper.

4. It’s perfect for room changeover.

If you’re having your ceremony and reception at Lusty Glaze, hiring a caricaturist for the room changeover is the perfect solution for getting all the guests out of the way and entertained while the staff work busily to get things sorted inside.

5. You have the best view while you are being drawn!

And finally, as if you needed any excuse to look at the beautiful view of Lusty Glaze Beach, giving the guests that 5 minute break to sit down on a comfy chair means they can really soak it in and enjoy the stunning scenery. And to answer the question I’m asked most, yes you can keep sipping your beer while I draw! The best advice someone gave me for my own wedding was to just take a moment to pause, look around at all the guests and the location and breathe it in, and now I have those memories forever.

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