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Lusty Glaze Beach is a magical place surrounded by spectacular scenery on the north Cornwall coast. Located on the outskirts of Newquay, this beach ‘village’ is a first-class attraction with a lot going on.

As well as the beautiful sandy cove to explore and enjoy, you can sample great food at our beach-side restaurant or from our take away facility. Get active on a range of adventure activities, experience fantastic live music and events. Stay in self catering accommodation on the beach or learn new skills on our on-site training courses. Whatever you want to do, we’re sure you will have a memorable and enjoyable experience at the Lusty Glaze beach resort.

The Lusty Glaze Story -

Lusty Glaze is a very special place. Its history is as rich as its future.

A place where the land meets the sea creating a spectacular horse-shoe shaped cove with white sand and clear blue sea.

Lusty Glaze is the perfect Cornish beach…….

It’s name is believed to derive from the Cornish “A place to view blue boats.”

Lusty Glaze was once a working mine, being one of the few coastal beaches to have been rich in Iron Ore. To the right hand side of the beach, a cave, once 200ft deep was mined for its minerals and abandoned in the late 1800’s.  Evidence of its mining history remains today in the awkward steps leading from the mouth of the cave to the top of the cliff and by the deep, man made scar carved to winch the ore deposit from the cove by horse and cart.   It is unknown whether the mine ran dry or if it simply became financially unviable to continue with the excavation and transportation but in 1929, Lusty Glaze Beach was sold by the Crown as a private ‘bathing resort’

It was during the 1920’s Lusty Glaze that became a ‘glamorous’ gentleman’s and ladies bathing beach. Brightly coloured cloth huts were erected for discrete changing and at low tides donkey rides were available and butlers attended the gentry. In some respects, Lusty Glaze has retained an element of this charm. Today, purpose-built wooden huts replace the canvas stripes and is favoured by the local community and families who prefer its quirkiness to the mass tourism product of the main Newquay beaches.

The current owners, Jeremy and Tracey Griffiths, purchased the site in 1999 in a derelict state and this is where perhaps the most dynamic stage of the beach’s development begins. The transformation of Lusty Glaze from a traditional “bucket and spade” beach into to a thriving centre supporting a range of businesses is an incredible success story. The near derelict café, beach huts and buildings have been extensively renovated to become a valued leisure venue and training centre as well as an acclaimed wedding and live music venue.

The cove provides fantastic conditions for many forms of adventurous activity, from abseiling, surfing and other water based activities, to the fast growing sport of Coasteering.. Catering for all ages and abilities from experienced adrenaline junkies to school parties, the Adventure Centre combines extreme activities, both on land and water, with relaxing packages to de-stress and revitalize. 

The restaurant bar and terrace provide the ideal setting for a quiet meal or perfect location for a romantic beach wedding and reception.  

Lusty Glaze is a very special place, but don’t just take our word for it.

Find out for yourself…..when you get to the bottom of the 133 steps and look out to sea…tell us how Lusty Glaze makes you feel.


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